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Различные изменения и модификации правил Icewind Dale II.
Требует официальный патч 2.01.

* Paladin of Mystra now gets Wizard & Sorcerer as allowed classes.
* Allow Paladin of Helm to multiclass to Cleric of Helm.
* Moved Multiclass Allowance check into included DLL. Now new Allowances can be set or disabled for paladins and monks.
* Enabled Skill point saving on level-ups.
* Moved Feat AB check to mod source.
* Completely reverse engineered Feat Requirement checks.
* Weapon finesse is now allowable for any weapon you are focused in (2+ dots).
* Monks can wear robes and keep their Wisdom bonus to AC.
* Monks retain their AB with fists when wearing robes.
* Druids can cast Nature's Ally I-IX spontaneously as cleric's healing spells.
* Rogues can now use multipliers instead of dice rolls for sneak attacks (feats modified to reflect necessary requirements).
* Enable Cheat keys on load, with config file setting.
* Remove "favoured" classes (set all to "Any").
* Remove ECL penalties.
* Change max level and exp.

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