Проект перевода The Temple of Elemental Evil

Переводы для Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment и Divinity: Original Sin от Arcanecoast.ru.
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Re: Проект перевода The Temple of Elemental Evil

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При попытке взаимодействовать с барьером в храме земли (попытаться сломать) возникает пустой диалог. Также были и другие проблемы при взаимодействии с этим барьером.
Поправил текст перевода, проверил, всё работает. К сообщению приложил исправленный файл.
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Re: Проект перевода The Temple of Elemental Evil

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Поправил проблему с тем, что на глобальной карте вместо названий локаций отображаются номера
Закинуть в папку data\mes
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Re: Проект перевода The Temple of Elemental Evil

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Разрабы моды Temple+ обновили мод до версии v1.0.83. Много чего пофиксили, добавили новые классы и спеллы. Сейчас нет времени адаптировать перевод от v1.0.75 и перевести новый текст, но обязательно займусь этим. Очень уж вкусный мод.
Чейндждлог v1.0.76 - v1.0.83
v1.0.83 (unreleased 2020-??-??)
Wild Shape / Animal Companion - added Dire Wolf option
Added House Rule: Wild Shape Usable Items. Allow you to retain bonuses from some of your equipment while wildshaped (Bracers, Cloaks, Helmets, Necklaces, Rings) and to use potions.
Dungeon Master: Added Items menu to allow giving and spawning items. Including search by name.
Dungeon Master: Added Pathfinding menu, allowing you to see the Path Nodes, add new ones & save them.
Fixed Wildshape not changing size category
Fixed Wildshape not applying special monster conditions (such as Tripping Bite for Wolf/Dire Wolf, Fire damage/immunity for Fire Elementals)
Fixed tooltips in inventory UI not appearing straight away until the user jiggles the mouse
Fixed sprung traps locking you into pseudo-combat mode
Fixed script issues with Bassanio regarding opening his chest (he interrupted it even when he's dead, and did not initiate convo when the trap was set off) (Co8)

v1.0.82 (released 2020-08-23)
Hotfix for charge attack bug

v1.0.81 (released 2020-08-22)
New feat: improved skirmish (doug1234)
Extended spell descriptions option (marc1967)
Added option for default action being 5 foot step and full attack when possible. (doug1234)
Added option for NPC HD - average (doug1234)
Arcane Archer Bug Fixes: Enhance arrows now bypasses magic DR and hail of arrows has the correct number of targets (doug1234)
Fixed charge attack minimum move distance to 10 feet, and is disallowed if fatigued or exhausted (doug1234)
Fixed Inflict spells touch attack - now use melee touch attach instead of ranged (anatoliy-savchak)
Fix Harm spell lack of touch attack (doug1234)
v1.0.80 (released 2020-07-12)
Hotfix for Bard crash issue
v1.0.79 (released 2020-07-04)
Fix low charisma paladin penalty for Divine Grace and Smite Evil Attack (doug1234)
Fix Augment Healing (doug1234)
Now Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting only applies to full attacks (doug1234)
Fixed beguiler and scout trap finding ability
Fixed erroneously giving extra skill points for human subraces (Aasimar and Tiefling) (doug1234)
Spell Effects for Mind Blank, Foresight and Moment Of Prescience can now be dispelled (doug1234)
New Feat: Melodic Casting (doug1234)
New Spells: Waves of Fatigue, Waves of Exhaustion, Touch of Fatigue and Ray of Exhaustion (doug1234) (Co8 only)
Enemy AI can now throw daggers (anatoliy-savchak)

v1.0.78 (released 2020-06-11)
Fixed broken Half Elf script
Fixed Atari Bug 81: Druids can cast with metal shields (doug1234)
Fixed Atari Bug 90: Bracers of archery proficiency. (doug1234)
Fixed Dispel related issues: (doug1234)
Dispel magic now works for > 3rd level spells
Break enchantment now can't effect the same target twice in one casting
Break enchantment is limited to transmutation and enchantment
Dispel alignment/element touch attack now works to dispel spells (no check now) and kill creatures as appropriate
The level check cap is now enforced for dispel magic, break enchantment and greater dispel magic
Summoned creatures are now stripped of their faction when summoned by a party member (fixes issues with summons not attacking)
Fixed crash when spontaneous druid summon proto is undefined
New Feats: Swift Ambusher and Daring Outlaw (doug1234)
Changes to support Inspect functionality in new modules (anatoliy)
Normal right-click usage is now enabled when the DM menu is minimized

v1.0.77 (hotfix released 2020-05-20)
Fixed worldmap fubar for non-co8
Fixed missing ACID python enum (affected Resist energy, endure elements etc)
Fixed Blackguard being unable to use Divine Might
Poison ability damage now logged in history

v1.0.76 (released 2020-05-06)
Added Fochlucan Lyrist class (by doug1234)
Added Swashbuckler class (by doug1234)
Added feat Battle Caster (by doug1234)
Added feat Oversized two-weapon fighting (doug1234)
Added spell Mind Blank (doug1234)
Added spell Moment of Prescience (doug1234)
Added spell Foresight (doug1234)
Removed check that prevented manyshot from triggering. Also fixed the manyshot penalty. Support for more arrows at higher BAB to be added later. (doug1234)
PC/NPC party composition options added to configurator; restored default to vanilla
Added Poison Specs moddability (by anatoliy)
Implemented Monstrous Centipede poison
Added "Rest Party" to console cheats menu
Fixed Duergar Paralysis immunity
Added Duergar Phantasm immunity
Fixed human and half-elf favorite class when using new classes (edoipi)
Fixed Beguiler spell list
Fixed Advanced Learning granted by prestige class spell extenders like Mystic Theurge
Fixed Telling Blow selectable multiple times
Fixed Dungeon Master Fudge Roll affecting PC creation stats while it is unavailable
Fixed CE vignette peasants breaking combat (Co8 related issue)
Fixed Weapon Finesse when STR modifier is negative (anatoliy)
Fixed various poison related bugs (anatoliy):
In Initial Damage and Delayed Damage order is now corrected - first saving throw check, then damage if failed
Paralysis duration corrected to be in minutes, not rounds
Implemented Unconsciousness, which was not present before
Fixed Worldmap crash on high resolution (caused by buffer overflow in the terrain type bitmap)
Fixed Worldmap crash when exiting a random encounter map and changing destination to one of the Co8 maps instead of the original destination.
Fixed crash in ProcessBackingOff (anatoliy)
Fixed crash in UiDialogBegin (reopen dialog tab after map change) (anatoliy)
Fixed crash in PyObjHandle_CanFindPathToObj (anatoliy)
Fixed GetModFromStatLevel for odd values below 10 (thanks anatoliy!)
Fixed Temp Ability Loss draining stats below 0 (by anatoliy)
Fixed bug in handling 4th natural attack protos.tab specification (anatoliy)
Fixed missing Wall of Fire defs in KotB
Fixed incorrect ranger reflex save
Fixed Favored Soul spell selection when levelling to 20 (doug1234)
Fixed wrong bardic music sounds (doug1234)
Fixed Fear of Ghosts conversation issue
Спасибо за фиксы выше. Забрал. В будущем включу их в новую версию русика.